Let's Make a Difference Together

Vote Berry on August 1


The decision to run did not come easily. I believe that public servants are called to lead in times where their talents and skill set best serve the people around them. The title of Alderman or any other elected title is not to be treated simply as a trophy to put on one's mantle. My choice to run came after many hours of self-reflection, talking to neighbors and members of the community, and prayer.

I grew up in Tullahoma, and even during my time living in Texas, Tullahoma has always been home. Along with my parents, the community helped shape who I am today. From the teamwork, leadership skills, and perseverance that I learned from the coaches on the football field to my passion for literature instilled in me by Mrs. Rose in junior English, to those who mentored and helped me grow as a business leader, this community is filled with people who I both respect and owe my successes to. I feel that it is my responsibility to pay-it-forward and use the skills I have learned to help to shape our future and do what I can to make a difference in the lives of others around me.

There is a need for passionate servant leaders who take the time to listen to the people who trusted them enough to put them in office. We need leaders who are willing to put aside partisan politics that act as a poison and tear people apart versus bringing people together. Our city needs leaders who are eager to put aside their selfish motivations and serve the greater good.

I am asking you to place your trust and confidence in me as that leader. By working together, we can effect change. We can build a future for those that come after us. A future that we can be proud of and ready to hand-off to the next generation of leaders that we as a community help to cultivate, mentor, and grow.



Home to Arnold Engineering and Development Center and surrounded by tourist destinations such as Bonnaroo, Tims Ford, and Old Stone Fort State Parks, Jack Daniel's and Cascade Hollow Distilleries, Tullahoma is centrally located and prime for economic growth unlike any time in our history. All of the dots are there waiting to be connected, but they will not attach themselves, it will take planning, leadership and an open and honest working relationship with the community to realize our potential fully.