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What Daniel Will Do

What Daniel has done

While this says “What Daniel Has Done,” it is essential to acknowledge that we do not work in a vacuum and cannot accomplish anything individually. It takes working together as a Board, through our differences, and finding ways to compromise. Achieving our goals also requires leadership and dedication at the staff level. It would be unfair to claim any of these accomplishments as solely my own.

Prioritized maintaining existing infrastructure

Since first being elected in 2019, my priority has been to reign in spending on new facilities, redirecting investments back into taking care of our neglected infrastructure. We have successfully increased our annual street paving budget by 88.78% over the past three budgets, of which I have been a part, going from $930,541 to $1,753,875.

FY 17 FY 18 FY 19 FY 20 FY 21 FY 22
$438,642 $241,900 $250,000 $394,960 $472,135 $888,780

Supported investments in our existing parks and recreation

As a community, it is a blessing to have an extensive greenway system, an 18-hole disc golf course, two community centers, a level II arboretum with over 60 varieties of trees, a bike trail, and 13 different park areas for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Over time, many of our facilities have fallen into disrepair, not because of the staff’s lack of hard work. But instead, because the Board’s focus had been on adding new facilities instead of maintaining what we have.

Supported investments in Stormwater management

To say that we get a few puddles after it rains is an understatement. As with other infrastructure needs, a priority must be placed on expanding and improving our agin stormwater management system. We have successfully increased the amount we are investing into stormwater management over the next several years from a budgeted $65,648 to over $3.1 million.