The Platform

Small Business & Economic Development

What Daniel Will Do

What Daniel has done

While this says “What Daniel Has Done,” it is essential to acknowledge that we do not work in a vacuum and cannot accomplish anything individually. It takes working together as a Board, through our differences, and finding ways to compromise. Achieving our goals also requires leadership and dedication at the staff level. It would be unfair to claim any of these accomplishments as solely my own.

Put small businesses first

Tullahoma’s small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Our small businesses employ local workers, sell a more diverse selection of local goods, contribute, and constitute the majority of our local sales tax collection that fund local services such as police and fire. Daniel is a “very” small business owner and understands the every day struggles associated with running a small business. Sometimes it can feel as though the world is fighting against you. Local government should not be one of those forces.

Encourage economic development

Strong policies that encourage economic development will create more local job opportunities, drive the financial success of local employees and employers, and create a better overall quality of life for the citizens of Tullahoma. With rising inflation it is more important than ever before that Tullahoma creates and maintains a competitive advantage over surrounding municipalities that potential businesses and constituents might be considering.