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Accountability & Transparency

What Daniel Will Do

What Daniel has done

While this says “What Daniel Has Done,” it is essential to acknowledge that we do not work in a vacuum and cannot accomplish anything individually. It takes working together as a Board, through our differences, and finding ways to compromise. Achieving our goals also requires leadership and dedication at the staff level. It would be unfair to claim any of these accomplishments as solely my own.

drafted the board of mayor and alderman policies and procedures manual

Whether it is for-profit, non-profit, or in the public sector, every successful organization implements and follows a set of best-practice policies and procedures. As an elected body, we have an obligation to direct and reach the taxpayers’ goals and those of the city organization itself. We should do this in a way that avoids imprudent or unethical behavior or actions that put the taxpayers and the city at risk. Board policies and procedures help achieve this objective by defining values and methods that direct how we conduct ourselves and the city’s business.

Accountability through transparency

To steal a quote from Agustín Carstens, former Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, “Transparency ensures that information is available that can be used to measure the authorities’ performance and to guard against any possible misuse of powers. In that sense, transparency serves to achieve accountability, which means that authorities can be held responsible for their actions.”