Be Better this Memorial Day.

Be Better Challenge

My challenge to you and myself is to take a break from partisan national, state-wide and local politics and focus on what is important, family, friends, local heroes in our community, organizations that help others, and last but not least, pictures of all of the awesome bbq-ing that will be going on this weekend. As we prepare for this Memorial Day weekend, let’s put aside politics, forget the left and the right, the blue and the red and remember that we are all Americans who all want the same thing. Let’s remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can each enjoy the freedoms that we all hold so dear.

I challenge you from now until this time next week to make at least one daily post sharing something or someone that has inspired you. Whether that is a kind act you witnessed, a police officer you saw go out of their way, a member of our military, the lake or even the giant smoked burger you are about to devour. Stay away from anything political or partisan that serves only to cause division and hate.

Will you accept the challenge? Share this post with your friends on your Facebook, comment, and let others know you have taken the challenge. When you make your post or post your pictures, use the hashtag #BeBetter. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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